Our Philosophy 

Life is such an incredible adventure & we believe the beautiful, fleeting moments that fill it should be captured as often as possible.  Moments of your newborn's hand coiled around your finger, running barefoot along the shoreline, pushing your wife's hair away from her face, laughing as your children jump from puddle to puddle & those embraces where you squeeze just a little too tight.  We want to capture your love for each other, your family, yourself in a way that you can cherish.  Photographs that can transfer you right back to a memory.  We love your vulnerability, your emotions, your authentic self.  Allow us to step behind the camera to show you how magicial this life really is.  We would be honored to be a part of your story.  




   Hi, I'm Jason and I am a graphic designer, photographer, business owner, minimalist, and husband. Although currently settled in New Jersey, my life has revolved around travel. I’ve also lived in New York, Vermont, and Australia.

   I’ve driven across the country twice, around the Great Lakes, up and down the East Coast, and even to Alaska one summer.  Kayleigh & I go on road trips often, whether it's down the shore, a quick trip upstate, or a new adventure.  They're some of my favorite memories.  

   I attend concerts often and love photographing them.  I've photographed Against Me!, Brian Fallon, Frank Turner, Flogging Molly, Less Than Jake, and others.  I spend my free time kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, collecting vinyls, and traveling.  I love having my wife along with me on every adventure and am so happy I found my soulmate

   Hello, I’m Kayleigh. Photographer, business owner, artist, minimalist, writer & wife. Lover of literature, the moon, sunflowers, falling snow, the smell of sea salt & summer rain. You can usually find me barefoot along the Jersey shore or on a sunrise hike with my husband.  

   My husband is my best friend & I am almost never without him.  I spend my time road tripping, kayaking, attending concerts, collecting plants & doing anything that involves the outdoors.  I travel as often as possible & love learning about other cultures.  My favorite place (so far) is Lisbon, Portugal.

   As much as I love traveling, there's something quite lovely about being home.  I especially enjoy sitting in our chair in my favorite sweatshirt with a book I can't put down.  Or being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, cuddling with Jason & our cat, Coconut Sage.